Settings Tab

A breakdown of all the adjustable options
Although Artroom tries to keep things as simple as possible, there's some settings that can be adjusted.
Always remember to press the 'Save Settings' button after making any adjustments to these options.

Image Output Folder

This is the root location all images will be saved. Be default it directed to be on the desktop, but any location will work, including other drives. Using the

Model Weights Folder

This is the root location all models will be stored. This includes Stable Diffusion models (checkpoints), Loras, vaes, upscalers, and ControlNet models. These can be stored on other drives

Choose Generation Speed

Most systems using an Nvidia GPU will make this choice automatically using xformers. The exception being the 1600 series, and AMD GPU's will also have to be manually chosen. Selecting the low speed will use a combination of the GPU and CPU, but will be much slower to generate than the other speed options. It is recommended to start at the highest speed setting and only lowering it if getting 'out of memory' errors.

Show Intermediates

This options toggles the previews of the image as it generates. The preview is of much lower quality than the final output so it doesn't take any resources from the actual generation of the image. Can be convenient for halting an image early when it doesn't look right.

Use Highres Fix

This is an automated way of using upscalers and img2img to generate large images. For a detailed explanation see Highres Fix​

Use Long Save Paths

This option creates a sub-folder for new images based on the prompts given. Good for sorting large projects, like ones that use a lot of inpainting.

Save Grid

This creates a grid image of all the images in the current batch.

Debug Mode

Opens up a second window with the app specifically for viewing all the details of the image generation. Has no impact on generation speed, so best to leave on for troubleshooting any problems. Even if you can't make sense of it, a screenshot of this will help the experts on the Artroom Discord channel help solve your problems.

Update Packages

Sometimes when updationg or altering files for the app disconnects between the frontend UI and the bankend generation components can occour. This is an error check for those problems.