The Paint Tab

How to change specific details
This can be one of the most powerful tools to get specific details in an image.
Correcting mistakes, changing details, and adding completely new parts to the image will be much easier to manage.
Just like with the Create Tab, you can enter prompts and general settings for the model, but the alterations are limited to the one area you would like changed.
If you're looking for a quick guide to get started, jump strait to Inpaint
Table of Contents
Tools and Functions - A detailed list of every tool used in the paint tab
Inpaint - A step by step guide for altering an image
Outpaint - A step by step guide for expanding on an image
Image Editor (GIMP/Photoshop) Assist - How to use image editors to get better results
Palette Fix - What is this setting? And when to use it?
Paint Tab Video Tutorials - Old video, but still relevant